West Hill Parish Council

The parish clerk is Alison Carr

She can be contacted on clerk@westhill.eastdevon.gov.uk  or 07413 932 406

Maňana, Higher Broad Oak Road,

West Hill, Ottery St Mary EX11 1XD

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Council Meetings

All Parish Council meetings are open to West Hill residents. Time is allowed in the agenda for public comment or questions. Alternatively residents can raise matters of interest with a council member.

Meeting agendas, minutes and notices are also displayed on the noticeboard at McColl’s and at the Village Hall.

The parish Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, at 7.30pm in West Hill Village Hall.

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The Parish Council have agreed a number of grants in line with our commitment to support local organisations that serve the West Hill community.

West Hill Wasps Junior Football

A grant of £750 has already been given to West Hill Wasps to meet 50% of the cost of football posts for the under-13 team. Previously they had to play with adult size goals, which is a dis-spiriting experience. We are also planning to work with the Wasps to acquire a playing field which is so badly needed in the village.

Further grants have been agreed for the year 2018/19. These will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday April 23rd 2018:

West Hill Pre-School

A grant of £620 is agreed for the full cost of a sandpit and sand. The Pre-school have planning permission to build an extension to the Village Hall for a toilet block and quiet room, which will require significant funding.

Village Hall

A grant of £500 is agreed as a contribution to the £3,200 cost of replacing the perimeter fence around the Pre-School, to improve security.


British Legion

A grant of £500 is agreed towards the £43,000 cost of refurbishing the car park to provide a safe, non slip, well lit access to the Club. The Legion Club is used by many village organisations, including the church on busy days.

Short Mat Bowls

A grant of £500 is agreed towards the cost of replacing its 20 year old mat.


A grant of £1000 is agreed towards improvements in the Mediterranean garden and forest school. The Council has also agreed to fund the entire £350 cost of the band at the Village Fete, taking the burden off the PTFA. The Council will work with the PTFA and the school and Devon County Council to see if there is further scope for a community initiative regarding the sports field drainage.