Snow Warden Project

The Snow Warden project, organised by Devon County Council (DCC) is supported by your WHRA. The DCC will grit both the Exmouth Road and West Hill Road, so in order to provide an additional level of emergency treatment, we have purchased a Fuji Gritter, through a grant provided by Councillor Roger Giles and our volunteer Snow Warden, John Sheaves of Cuckoo Down Farm, has agreed to tow it behind his 4 by 4 to provide gritting on selected roads in the village. John is linked into the DCC communications system, which provides warnings of anticipated ice/snow conditions and will then assess the likely impact on the village. If the situation is deemed exceptional, but manageable (e.g. roads not already blocked etc.), he will attempt to cover as many as possible of the following roads as priority:

Lower Broad Oak Road
Bendarroch Road
Toadpit Lane
Higher Broad Oak Road
School Lane
Start of Beech Park to the School
Elsdon Lane
Ashill Road

Regrettably it will not be possible to treat all the lanes in the village as we have neither the resources nor the grit to cover this large area. While the gritter was purchased in early 2012, after the bad winter of 2010/2011, the last three have been relatively ice free, hence we have not had the need to deploy the machine - thankfully.  When we need to use it in earnest, we expect to revamp the priority roads and operations as experience teaches us the do’s  and don’ts. Please check out our website for updates.

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