The printed West Hill Village Map was published in May 2011. Since then there have been some new building developments and name changes. This page lists new properties and name changes over the last year. All postcodes begin with EX11, so just the last 3 characters are given as in the existing map index; map references are also in the same format as used in the index.
For new reference locations please see the online map on this web site.
For all changes since the 2011 map was produced see the archive list on this web site

New Buildings:

Colthouse, (new reference G10-20) almost opposite the Garage, West Hill Road; 1TP

Driftwood, (new reference F8-17), 1st new house NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY

Grafton (new reference F8-19) built on north-east side of Driftwood, West Hill Road; 1TY

Haven House, (new reference D6-11) behind White House, West Hill Road; 1UZ

Hazeldene (new reference G9-25) built behind Highlands, West Hill Road; 1TU

Knapp Green, (new reference G3-6) new house next to Knapp Cottage, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1XH

Linhay, (reference G9-14) new property adjoining Barnside, West Hill Road; 1TU
NB: Barnside is now map reference F9-23

Northfield House, (new reference G6-3) new house under construction, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1XQ

Oasis (reference H12-4) built on old Littlefield site, Toadpit Lane; 1TR

Old Orchard, The (new reference F8-20) built next to West Lodge, Elsdon Lane; 1TZ

Parsonage House (reference E9-22) built on old Rucel site, Bendarroch Road. 1UR

Sylvan House, (new reference F8-18), 2nd new house NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY

Woodstock (new reference F7-2) new house built NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY

Wurlie House
(new reference G7-4) new house, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1UD

Name Changes:

Foxholes, Ford Lane, is now Foylings, E5-13

Littlefield, Toadpit Lane, is now Oasis, H12-4

White Lodge, West Hill Rd, is now White House, D6-10

Please note that the old printed map published in 2000, Millennium Year, is now well out of date so should no longer be used. If you know of any other changes or errors please let me know:
Peter Lonsdale – West Hill map cartographer and compiler: email: g3pvx73@gmail.com