West Hill Women’s Group (WHWG)

 List of Meetings 2018

Contact details:

Tricia Heard (Chair) 01404 814191  tricia.heard8@outlook.com

Norah MacAndrew (Vice Chair)  01404 814739   email: harron12@hotmail.com

Rosemary Hudson (Secretary) 01404 234578 hudsonrosemary@hotmail.com

January 9th (Tues) – ‘New Year, New Start’ with a Quiz

Venue: RBL (10.30am)

February 21st (Wed) – ‘The Highs & Lows of a Career in the Sky’ a talk by Sharon Kenny

Venue: RBL (10.30am)

March 22nd (Thurs) – ‘The Suffragette Movement’ a talk by Denise Melhuish

Venue: RBL (10.30am)

April 11th (Wed) – ‘Everything Except the Plants’ a talk by Gill Munro, Head Buyer for Otter Nurseries

Venue: RBL (10.30am)

May 17th (Thurs) – AGM

Venue: RBL (10.30am)


(RBL = Royal British Legion, School Lane, West Hill)

February 21st (Wed) – ‘The Highs & Lows of a Career in the Sky’